Tuesday, December 28, 2010

uff-da. holidays are fun, warm, & wonderful, but exhausting as well. i have just returned from a road trip to missouri, to visit my partner's family and friends. it was a great trip, and i found myself warmly welcomed by very dear people, superb food, and regional brews. there was missouri- made cranberry wine served with locally harvested venison tenderloin- that was delightfully wrapped in bacon and tenderly grilled. there were locally smoked hams, sausages made right in the neighborhood, home-made sweets, and apricot wine (that was unveiled from the back of a fridge)that was amazing! i will gladly endure the lull of the jet-lag, to have experienced the wonderful trip to the tucked- away towns of missouri and southern illinois.

celebrate the return of the sun and the new year. give more love. give more hugs. travel more. eat. write. live. this seems to be my list of accomplishments for 2011. i know that it will be a splendid year for myself, and my dears. happy new year, folks!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

cold. simply put, it's the way things roll around here during the winter months. i've been living in and around grand marais long enough to not be surprised by the brisk temps and blustery winds. that said, i am increasingly attracted to pictures of sunny beaches, and warm bodies of water. i'd like to think that the majority of folks who live in cold climates, routinely daydream of sunshine and warmth to get through the days. often with thoughts of beach towns near the equator, come thoughts of the foods and drinks that i would be consuming. seafood. fresh fruit. tamales?

i have a soft spot for tamales. not only are they delicious and good for you, but they come wrapped in corn husks and are great for transporting. throw a few in your brief case. tuck some into your pockets, and your children's pockets. heck, throw some in the glove box too, (the cold will preserve them for months!). finding a source for some great tamales is the tricky part. gone are the days of buying them out of a shopping cart from elderly, latino ladies down the block. no, i don't think that's gonna happen here. the only source i've found is the gunflint tavern. theirs are fantastic, and are complete with corn husk wrappers! if anyone has any other sources that they'd like to share, please don't hold out! give us the scoop!....